Communication Summit


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Communication Summit

Pořadatel: blue events

The Communication Summit was created in 2018 with the aim of "breaking down silos". We want to enable communication professionals to meet, discuss trends, and align goals. It doesn't matter if you work in marketing or PR, in an agency or on the client side. After all, we all deal with similar problems. Come and see for yourself!

We are now preparing the 7th year with the subtitle Let's Be Positive! We already know that positive communication works in difficult times. But what will your target audience perceive as positive? What are they interested in and how can you help them? Or is it enough just to drive away the "bad mood", spread good news and produce funny advertisements?

In the program, we will take a positive approach also to ESG and AI, currently the strongest topics in our industry. Let's get excited about what we can achieve in communication. Positive thinking guaranteed!

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